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This past June 4th at the Miracle Grand Hotel Bangkok

This past June 4th at the Miracle Grand Hotel Bangkok, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation in hand with the Stop Gambling Network and Fantopy Thailand held a press conference to debut the Euro 2021 fantasy football manager game under the motto: Euro U-Know Show your talent - Enjoy the game without betting.

Taking part in the launch was regular Samut Prakan City defender on the Sea Fang squad "Nook" Jakkapan Praisuwan to deliver his message on how fantasy football can be used as a creative virtual recreational space especially to the youngsters. Nook asks everyone to "please do not get involved in betting; most think they’ll try it only once but that usually leads to a second and then a third time. So instead, do follow Euro 2021 which is almost here and cheer on your favorite players but for the love of football - not gambling."