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SPC Preview: Match-Day 25

2020-21 Toyota Thai League Matchday 25

Sukhothai FC (13) vs Samut Prakan City (7)

Thalay Luang Stadium, March 7th, 18:00 hrs.

Watch the match live on national television channel 5 (TV5HD1)!


Latest Match Results:

Suphanburi FC 1-2 Samut Prakan City

BG Pathum United 2-0 Sukhothai FC


2019 Head-to-Head Results:

Samut Prakan City 0-0 Sukhothai FC

Sukhothai FC 1-2 Samut Prakan City


Most Recent Head-to-Head Result:

Samut Prakan City 3-2 Sukhothai FC


Readiness of Both Sides:

Home-side the Sukhothai FC "Fire Bat" with head coach "Coach Ahn" Surapong Kongthep calling the shots has no problems concerning injured or banned players so we would expect a complete Sukhothai lineup going on with Kittipong Phuthawchueak in the goalkeeper position defended by Joshua Grommen, Nukoolkit Krutyai, Yeo Sung-hye, Sila Srikampang, and Satsanapong Wattayuchutikul. In the midfield, Decha Sa-ardchom, and Nattawut Jaroenboot could be working together to get through while a full-on front-three might contain players such as John Baggio, Ibson Melo, and Jung Myung-oh.

Visiting side Masatada Ishii’s "Sea Fang" squad also has no player injuries or bans to worry about so we anticipate that Samut Prakan City’s finest will step on the pitch with first-choice goalkeeper Patiwat Khammai guarding the posts behind an impenetrable defense with the likes of Aris Zarifović, Suphanan Bureerat, and Ernesto Phumipha for instance. Reading the game from midfield ought to be team captain Peeradon Chamratsamee with wingmen Jareonsak Wonggorn and Toti heating up the offense in tandem with the team's top-scorer Barros Tardeli as he targets the back of the net.

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